Wholesale Pricing

Before you can order with our wholesale prices (explained below), you must register as a retailer. Anyone may order bulk quantities, but you will recieve no discount without first proving you're a retailer.

Discounts on Books:

If you order at least 6 items, you get 40% off the usual price. Also, S/H now comes with insurance and is reduced to only $12 for the minimum quantity of 6 items, plus $1 for every additional item.

We currently define "item" in this section to be either the commercial or collector's edition of "A Book of Answers", either with or without the matching card sets.

Discounts on Greeting Cards:

If you order at least six dozen greeting cards AND at least 6 of each card you order, you get a full 50% off. The S/H charge is $5 for the minimum quantity of six dozen cards, plus $0.75 for every additional dozen cards.

All you have to do to get our wholesale prices is register as a retailer. Thanks, and happy shopping.