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Name: Diane Sat Jul 3 2010
Webpage: Found: at a local festival
Message: I met Mani at a Scandinavian festival in Astoria, OR. I walked up to his booth to admire his ancient stone carvings. He seemed to pick up on my emotional pain and asked how I was doing. For what ever reason, I told him. Mani said he could help me then told me to focus on the emotion. As I did, the feeling drained away so fast it startled me. I left that day no longer replaying the tramatic event again and again. Thank you for helping me to move on.

Name: High Desert Gift ( Wed Jun 9 2010
Webpage: Found: Craig'slist
Message: Looks like great stuff

Name: Kilee Mon Mar 22 2010
Webpage: Found: MBSE Seattle
Message: I look forward to talking with you. You were so wonderful to me and I feel a nice sense of calm that wasn't there before.

Name: lisa ( Tue Aug 4 2009
Webpage: Found: Kryon book VII
Message: I found your name and website at the back of Kryons book, I am interested in meeting people of like mind. What are you currently doing?

Name: Alake D. Patterson ( Wed Nov 29 2006
Webpage: http://don't have one. Found: I met you at th BMS. conference.
Message: Hello Mani, you just don't know how you that have made such a wonderful,positive,pure impression on my life. I have sent so many people to web. I am always talking a/b you and how they absolutely have to experience the spirit of MANI!!! Thank you for your continuous sharing of the truth and light. with love and joy Alake. PS. you me and my family in sept,2006 at the Portland BMS.

Name: Shelley from Hawaii ( Fri Sep 8 2006
Webpage: Found: Walnut Creek Crystal Fair 2006
Message: Hi Mani,
I am very grateful to have met you at the recent crystal fair in Walnut Creek, CA. As we know, it was no coincidence for our meeting. The words you said to me that day were exactly what I needed to hear. The card I picked that day was "appreciation"... exactly what I needed to see as well. And the love you emminated... well, I can't even put words to it actually! Thank you for welcoming me home... after years of spiritual work, I was beginning to wonder if I was making any progress as I was watching my world around me fall away once again. Now I know it is only the beginning!! After meeting you, my energy feels much more balanced and clear. Thank you.. thank you for the work you do! Thank you for being an example and mirror to our true nature in physical form. I look forward to talking with you again someday.

Name: Dev Atma ( Mon Aug 14 2006
Webpage: Found: Crystal Faire
Message: I met Mani at the Crystal Faire in Walnut Creek,CA. I has having a back problem and when I went near his booth, the pain went away. We chatted and I was present to the love that surrounds him. I was present to my power and love for humanity. He’s like a “big papa” and joy and peace surround him. His insights where specific and helpful and responsible (they are there to encourage). I walked away with some insights that I put into practice immediately. My walk in the world has been forever altered by my encounter with Mani and I am grateful. LOVE is STRONGER than FEAR. Thank you Mani

Name: Carlos Gomes ( Sat Apr 8 2006
Webpage: Found: Mind Body Spirit Expo
Message: Having Mani, in your corner is an honor and blessing. His clarity and concise advice has really helped me through some tough times.

And his book is a daily help for me. On more than one occasion it has helped me out by giving me a hint of what was coming up so I could better deal with it. Thanks to Mani for all his Love & Support. It really means alot to me.

Love & Blesssings

Name: Liv ( Tue Apr 4 2006
Webpage: Found: Wonders of the world
Message: Thank you dearly for showing me who i can be and am. Reminding me that light is a constant choice and possibility. Much love to you.

Name: SHWA'NE ( Sat Mar 18 2006
Webpage: Found: S.F. Crystal Show

Name: Tamara ( Thu Mar 16 2006
Webpage: Found: searching the net
Message: I just want to tell you what a beautiful site you've created. It exhibits much love and peace. Thank you.

Name: Jeff Way ( Sun Mar 5 2006
Webpage: Found: Spiritside Magazine
Message: thank you for sharing this gift... what a wonderful thing!

Name: Catherine Keasbey ( Sun Feb 12 2006
Webpage: Found: Body Mind Expo in Ashland Oregon
Message: Mani, the word is pure LOVE , that is what I feel deep in my beingness. Thankyou for reminding me today. I am blessed to have found you again on this day on planet Earth. Love and blessings, Catherine

Name: rhonda ( Wed Dec 28 2005
Webpage: Found: we ran into each other
Message: I know life is suppose to be great, or at least fullfilling. Unfortuntly my life has seemed empty for a long time and I am not sure how to fulfill it. I bury myself in work and leave my outside world on hold. It becomes very frustrating quite often anymore.

Name: Rhonda Maciel ( Fri Dec 9 2005
Webpage: Found: you found me
Message: I am looking at your site for the first time.

Name: Donna (Wise) Fri Nov 11 2005
Webpage: Found: BMS Expo in Portland
Message: so much to say unable to speak it

Name: Hope Paige ( Mon Oct 24 2005
Webpage: Found: walking through Mind, Body and spirit expo.
Message: When the answers my daughter and I had did not seem to be fully answered, we were just about to leave and I saw him and his welcoming warmth was wonderful. Thank you for answering what we really needed to know. Hope

Name: Lila Hixson ( Sat Oct 1 2005
Webpage: Found: Psychic Affair
Message: Hello, I was at the demo that you gave at the Psychic Affair and enjoyed your work and how you help so many.Thanks,Lila

Name: Barbara ( Wed Aug 3 2005
Webpage: Found: you found me
Message: every word is of great help to me each time I receive it. Thank you for sharing this website, Mani. It is a daily exercise for me now :) as it should be.

Name: Linda Hunt ( Sat Jul 2 2005
Webpage: Found: Body, Mind, Spirit Show Spokane June, 2005
Message: Thank you!

Name: Bev ( Fri May 20 2005
Webpage: Found: Wandering around
Message: Hi! Hope all is well with you. by!

Name: nani ( Sun May 15 2005
Webpage: Found: well was browsin and got u !
Message: dude ......this rocks man .
i never believed this stuff but now i guess i need to take a chance and give it a shot .

Name: davis ( Sun May 15 2005
Webpage: Found: friends
Message: this is really intresting !

Name: JD ( Wed May 4 2005
Webpage: Found:
Message: Blessings to all who find this page ... should you slow for a minute and relax, you will find something Profound here from Mani ... I know I did.
Love to all, JD

Name: JD ( Wed May 4 2005
Webpage: Found:
Message: HI Mani,
Just now thinking of your daughter and sending all the LOVE in the Universe her to her and you.
Love JD

Name: Beverly Larson ( Mon Apr 18 2005
Webpage: Found:
Message: Hi!

Name: 'Kahlan' ( Thu Apr 14 2005
Webpage: Found: Met you at a conference in Sept. 2004
Message: Mani,

I know you will remember, but just to remind you, we met at the paranormal conference in September 2004 hosted by a group my husband and I were active in. I had recently had surgery for colon cancer and was in a lot of pain but felt that I must attend the conference, even if only for an hour (my first time out of the house since the hospital).

Upon our meeting, you told me things from my father (he passed 22 years ago) that only my father could have known, which touched me and helped me greatly. Then you used your blessed skills and did a healing… but it was not an instantaneous healing. I left the conference feeling a bit worse than when I arrived.

The next morning before my husband left for the conference I told him I hoped to go later in the day if I felt ok. When I woke and went to take a shower I realized that I was walking standing straight up, I wasn’t in extreme pain and my energy level was higher than it had been in weeks!

When I arrived at the conference, I actually ran up the stairs as I was so excited to see my husband and see the expression on his face when he realized how far I had recovered just over night. I quietly opened the door to the speaker’s room and looked to see where he was standing (at the rear of the room). As I walked to him, he looked at me at first without recognizing me because of my rapid walk across the floor. He was amazed at my vitality and how well I looked. Two of my friends said… Oh my, you are glowing! You look amazing!

From that day forward my health just got better and I had no set backs. I have completed my chemo and, hopefully, I am now cancer free.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Mani for his healing touch, but he knows what is in my heart. Thank you, Mani.


Name: pearl ( Sun Mar 27 2005
Webpage: Found: Holistic Fair
Message: Pearl Ko Fleck

Name: Deborah ( Fri Feb 18 2005
Webpage: Found: never lost you
Message: Lots of work done since my last visit. Sure love my new lap top.

Name: Merilee ( Thu Feb 17 2005
Webpage: Found: I wanted the i4c4u name!
Message: I typed in the i4c4u to see if the name was taken!

Name: Joyce ( Fri Jan 28 2005
Webpage: Found: From the mind and body show at the Seattle Center
Message: Drew a card from the mind and body show at the Seattle Center. I kept the card and am amazed at the content/meaning related to me re: my card. Just curious.

Name: abbey ( Mon Nov 22 2004
Webpage: Found: love my friend
Message: I just wanted to say 'hi' in a different way. Hope all is well as I'm sure it is. Much Love,

Name: Heather ( Sun Nov 7 2004
Webpage: Found: don't really know but it was meant to be!
Message: I love the site and yet again my reading was right on! I needed to hear it to get me off my butt and react! Thank You Mani!!!! Love Always, H.

Name: Christina ( Mon Nov 1 2004
Webpage: Found: Sprit Mind Expo in Seattle
Message: Wow, what an amazing experience I had!!! Through Mani I finally got to the other side. I am learning everyday. The book and cards really make you think,guide,and comfort. Graditude and Thanks!! :)

Name: Kelly Ritter ( Mon Nov 1 2004
Webpage: Found: You were working on my friend today.
Message: I stopped by but you both were involved. I have little faith but thank you for coming to assist in your way. - a friend of Shawn H.'s

Name: John Pachuta ( Mon Oct 25 2004
Webpage: Found: at the Spirit Tree in Friday Harbor
Message: Missed your free presentation last Wednesday. Am considering a reading.

Name: craig danielson ( Sun Oct 24 2004
Webpage: Found: Cherry Devine Davis
Message: I am impressed by the people that have recomended you.

Name: Patty Stone ( Sun Oct 24 2004
Webpage: Found: Boeing Physic Fair
Message: Thank you.

Name: Christine Frey ( Mon Sep 27 2004
Webpage: Found: From previous reading
Message: You're great Mani! Thank you for your previous reading.

Name: Frances Juanita ( Thu Aug 12 2004
Webpage: Found: First, at the Spring Boeing Expo; most recently, your interest in the October Whidbey Island fair
Message: Frances

Name: Deborah Dancing Hands Sun Jul 11 2004
Webpage: Found: A Miracle!
Message: Hello, my friends-- I'm cut off today, it seems- my e-mail server is non-functional, so I can't send or receive anything- Drat! And today is Sunday, so it may not be fixed 'til tomorrow. I wrote you a letter I tried to send this morning, but I guess it will have to wait. Just know that I'm fine (oh, I'm much more than fine, actually; I'm high as a kite and I've been chuckling and laughing all morning) and I'm thinking of you with lots of love.
Have a great day!

Big Love, Deborah

Name: agalight Mon Jun 28 2004
Webpage: Found: it was time :)

Name: Deborah Johnsen ( Mon Jun 14 2004
Webpage: Found: Spirit!
Message: Hi Mani and Kim!
Hallelujah! I have rejoined the ranks of the computer-funtional and can now do fun things like visit your website and correspond with you. Wow- love the idea of your Alaska cruise. What a special experience. I logged on partly because I wanted to order a set of cards to go with the book, but I guess I'll wait till I'm there and figure out a pre-order. I would like your meditation tapes as well, but I didn't see those on your website. Did I miss them?
It sure feels like time, which seems to go so fast these days, is going really slowly as I count down the days until I come to visit.(Can you tell I'm really looking forward to the visit?) Everything seems to be in place, though, and I even connected with a new client who wants to housesit. She loves cats and will lavish my two boys with attention and love (as should be, of course), and she's even a gardener, so can take care of watering my extensive garden, if need be.
I think of you often and send you blessings every day. I spend time with the book every day, and usually more than once, as it is a wonderful source of warm support, inspiration and 'ahas'-- along with an occasional (gentle) kick in the pants. Most days I can hardly wait to take a break from my busy-ness and sit down for a few minutes to 'get a hit', and I always read some before going to bed. Can't wait for Volume II!
I trust all is well with you. Much love, light and laughter to you both.
Big hugs, Deborah

Name: Deborah Johnsen (johnsen@interisland) Thu May 27 2004
Webpage: Found: Spirit orchestrated our encounter at Pat and Joyce's wedding!
Message: Dear Mani and Kim, Love your site at first (brief) viewing. I look forward to having more time to browse-and I look forward to some time in person. I sent you a letter a little while ago, but I am wondering if you got it through the FOTL address. I'll be in touch soon. Love and Light, Deborah

Name: DEE ( Tue May 18 2004
Webpage: Found: at the seattle show
Message: D.SOLUM

Name: abbey ( Tue May 11 2004
Webpage: Found:
Message: Hi Mani I hope this finds you with anew correct e mail address. much love. abbey

Name: Joy ( Thu May 6 2004
Webpage: Found: Met you at bible study
Message: Thank you for your thoughtfullness.

Name: Lisa Fargo ( Mon Apr 26 2004
Webpage: Found: Mind, Body, Spirit Expo
Message: You are Loved and Appreciated beyond measure.

Name: Micheal ( Wed Apr 7 2004
Webpage: Found: google
Message: you have an intelligent and informative site. i wish you joy and prosperity. peace.

Name: Paul Yih ( Thu Mar 4 2004
Webpage: Found: just being a pal
Message: Paul Yih

Name: Lorraine Vandehey ( Mon Feb 16 2004
Webpage: Found: Seaside Psychic Fair
Message: Mani gave me a wonderful heartfelt reading at the Seaside Psychic Fair. It will change my life and for that I will be forever grateful. Lorraine Vandehey

Name: venice graff Sun Feb 1 2004
Webpage: Found:
Message: With my inexpertise with websites and e mails this may or may not reach you. Hopefully it will.

Name: Christopher J. Coletta ( Mon Oct 27 2003
Webpage: Found: Next booth to me at Body, Mind & Spirit Show San Diego
Message: Hi Mani,

Old friends recently reconnected !

Warmest regards,


Name: Lisa ( Thu Aug 14 2003
Webpage: Found: Refered from a local friend
Message: I love what I've seen so far, Mani - you seem like a genuine, awesome light and I am glad to have found your page.

Name: Eli Courtwright ( Mon Jul 14 2003
Webpage: Found: I'm the webmaster!
Message: The web programming for this site rocks.