About Mani

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What is a "Mani" and why does he call himself "Pureheart"?

Over the years, many people have asked about my name. It is of course not the name on my birth certificate.

Here is the story of my name, "Mani Pureheart."

Immediately after my spiritual awakening at age 42 and at a time when I was still not too sure if 'all this' was real, I met quite a few people who had given themselves spiritual names consisting mostly of vowels in odd combinations. I must confess that I had some judgment at that time about their sanity and motives in changing their names.

Shortly after that, Spirit told me that I was to start calling myself "Mani". Still being very skeptical of all this 'weird' stuff going on in my life and around me, I stalled for nearly two years before it finally became clear to me that Mani was indeed the name I should use. I still am not sure exactly what the trigger was that caused me to change my mind, but nevertheless it was time. Now, "Mani" was just a sound to me at that time, - I had no idea what, if anything, it meant.

That was about to change.

A few months later I was reading a book by the Dalai Lama titled "Kindness, Clarity and Insight". In it, in one of the essays, he discusses at length the meaning of the Tibetan mantra "Om Mani Padme Om", and within that essay he describes the word "Mani" as meaning "enlightenment", or, "the jewel in the lotus."


After finally adopting the name Mani for my work in the world, I was in Seattle working with some Native American folks. When the work was done, one of the women came over to me and said: "Amongst ourselves we call you Pureheart."

Needless to say, I was deeply touched. Spirit popped into my head and said: "This is the final half of your name."

"Gosh," I replied, "isn't that bragging?"

Spirit chuckled in the way that only Spirit can and replied gently: "You misunderstand. That name is not a description, it is a challenge!"

"Oh," I said, deflated, "Can I do Trueheart instead?"

"No," Spirit replied, "it must be Pureheart - every day, all the time. That is your challenge."

It is a challenge that I gratefully accept and do my best to succeed at in every moment.

Mani Pureheart is an "ordinary" person who was suddenly and unexpectedly awakened by Spirit in April of 1987. A non-believer and non-seeker, his first impression upon hearing voices in his head was that he was going crazy. The voices, which he now refers to as "Spirit" - the Creator in its many forms - informed him that he was going to be taught healing and spirituality.

A lifelong omnivorous reader, Mani was told by Spirit that it alone would teach him for the first year and that it would block any attempt on his part to acquire this knowledge anywhere but from Spirit itself. After that time, Spirit said, he could go to any source, read any book, and follow any teacher that he might wish. As the year progressed, the reason for this method became clear. As Spirit explained it, no matter how well intentioned the author, anyone who attempts to put spiritual teachings into words slants them to align more with their own hopes, fears, and expectations. By teaching Mani directly, the message was given and received in a more pure form. Try as he might, Mani was totally unable to read even the most basic book on spirituality for a full year. At the completion of the year, Mani had no need or desire to seek any teacher but his own heart and his connection with All that IS. Indeed, he is widely recognized today as "a teacher's teacher, a healer's healer and a psychic's psychic".

Mani has "died" several separate times from different causes, has undergone the entire out-of-body near-death and through the tunnel of Light experience more than once and has returned to this plane a humbled, changed and gifted person who is totally dedicated to healing and service.

Mani is widely regarded as one of the most powerful spiritual teachers and effective, insightful psychic healers and medical intuitives of today. His ability to accurately perceive the workings of the spirit, mind and body is so well developed that in some instances he picks up trouble areas that are not currently a problem or that the client is unaware of until they reflect on their life patterns.

Miraculous healings are a part of Mani's everyday life.

Feel free to peruse our frequently asked questions to learn more. Please don't hesitate to contact Mani with your questions or problems. Spirit always has the answers.