Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what is it that you do?

Perhaps the first and most important thing is to tell you what I don't do.

If you want to know if your lover is true, or if you're going to get the one that you want or whether your ex is having an affair with your best friend, PLEASE go to another psychic!

If you want to know when you are going to win the lottery or get a job or move or the winning numbers, PLEASE go to a different psychic.

Here is what I do:

How do I sign up for a healing?

By going to this page.

What is the source of your power?

The power behind my gifts is Divine Love. I have had the extreme good fortune of having had several deaths and out-of-body experiences. In surviving these, I have torn away the veil which separates most of us from the source of all Love and all knowingness, and I now can connect with and access that energy at will.

This Divine Love is not dependant upon nor is it regulated by any particular belief system, but serves all equally.

Do you deal with unwelcome energies and entities?

Yes, Spirit has given me tools and techniques to deal with these energies very effectively from a place of Love.

Do you work with ET energies and implants?

I have been able in the past to deal very effectively with ET energies and disable/remove implants.

What can you do about my smoking habit and other addictions?

Spirit has given me a tool/technique that produces absolutely astonishing results in almost every case when applied to the habit of tobacco and is quite often just as effective with other addictions. As with all of my work distance is usually not a problem. All that is required is that the recipient be READY to give up their habit. I cannot FORCE you to do anything, but I can help you do everything!

What is a typical reading?

A typical reading is anything but typical. Your needs, your level of awareness and your belief system will dictate the type of reading you receive.

In many cases, I like to start with a past, present, future reading from my Book of Answers from which you may have received mini-readings on this web site. As we go through that information I will extrapolate from that and go into how, specifically, the information affects you and your current position. At times I may be moved by Spirit to include a fourth segment: The bottom line. This is the underlying issue/message from Spirit for your current position. There will almost always be guidance offered.

For those who wish to forgo the information from the book I will be glad to discuss your issues with you from my psychic awareness and offer growth and other suggestions along the way.

Do you ever offer classes?

Yes, by special arrangement. I will travel to your area and teach a weekend seminar for you and your friends on how to do what I do. I have NEVER had a disappointed student.

I loved my mini-reading! How do I get your entire book?!

Volume one of A BOOK of Answers will contain definitions for 216 words and is now available. My earlier book, "A Few Easy Lessons" and Volume 2 of the Book of Answers should be available soon. The "Book of Answers" books will also have a set of "Answer" cards for each volume. Those are now available as well. Other manuscripts are in the works. I also have 0ver 160 original 5X7 inch Spiritual and Humorous greeting cards, as well as cards quoting the 'comments from Spirit' and other quotes from my works.

Will there be collector's editions available?

Each of my books and greeting cards will also be available to collectors in a collector's edition or volume, hand signed and numbered and limited of 1,000 of each book or card. Collector greeting cards are currently available for $10 each and book and Answer card prices are listed in the shopping area.