Healings by Mani Pureheart

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Mani was suddenly and unexpectedly awakened and taught solely by Spirit nearly two decades ago and is now widely regarded as one of the most effective and insightful spiritual healers today. Click Here to sign up for a healing session.

Mani was taught by Spirit that we are, each and all, an extension of the Creator. Mani uses the Creator's Love, which knows no bounds and is not the property of any given belief system, as a tool to accomplish the healings. It is not necessary to have strong religious beliefs to be healed - the Creator is always there for all of us.

Mani's ability to accurately perceive the workings of the body and one's energy is so well developed that in some instances he discovers trouble areas that are not currently a problem or issues that the client is not aware of until they reflect on their life patterns.

What does Mani do?

Some of the areas Mani has worked successfully with are: smoking and other addictions, chronic fatigue and/or depression, some birth defects, surgical recovery, entity problems, chronic or severe health challenges, mental disorders, individual or couples counseling and much more.

In recent years Mani has worked successfully with: These and many other disorders fall within Mani's expertise. Feel free to contact him regarding your situation, especially if you're close to Mani's hometown of Bend, Oregon.

How much does this cost?

After nearly a decade of working only by donation, financial reality has forced Mani to set a value on his time. After much thought, that value has been set at $60 per fifteen minutes, with a half-hour minimum. This value is only for Mani's time as a highly skilled and proven professional, much as a consultant or doctor is paid for their experience and knowledge. The actual spiritual work is without cost, as it should be. The amount of any donation is ultimately completely up to the recipient, based on their perception of what was received, their ability to donate and their desire to support Mani in his life and work in the world.

These are miraculous healings and in the majority of cases only one session is required for a complete healing. This work is so effective that several medical professionals are among Mani's clients. Feel free to peruse our frequently asked questions to learn more or sign up for a healing session.

"It's beyond price. There's no way you could charge what it's worth."

A medical professional who is a client of Mani