It was the end of a year, the end of the century, the end of a millennium. I was working in the fine jewelry department of a large retail chain. Among my co-workers was a slightly older woman, a devout Mormon who, nonetheless and unbeknownst to me, dabbled in energy work and the healing properties of oils.

Just before Christmas she came to me at the beginning of her shift and pressed a small plastic bottle into my hand. It was small - perhaps a half ounce with a dropper cap on it. "What is this", I asked? She then told me that she had been instructed by heavenly hosts to create an oil especially for me. I expressed my gratitude and opened the cap. It smelled WONDERFUL! I asked her what properties it had that I needed, but she said that she had no idea - she had just blended oils as she was instructed, and hadn't paid any attention to what oils they were.

I began using the oil a drop or two at a time as my personal fragrance - like an after-shave. I was constantly receiving compliments on the smell and many people asked where they could get some for themselves. Perhaps a bit smugly, I answered that it had been specially created for me.

Shortly after giving me the oil, my co-worker left the company and simply disappeared. I kept using the oil every day and, as was predictable, the supply dwindled and dwindled until there were only a couple of drops left in the bottom of the container. I frantically sought out this woman and finally located her. I asked her again what oils were in the blend but she repeated that she had absolutely no idea. I was stymied, but the one thing that I knew was that I had to save those precious last drops.

Time passed - a couple of years to be exact, and I too left the company, fed up with its impersonal abuse and manipulation of its employees. I began participating in psychic fairs and expos throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle. Now, I had visited Seattle a few times over the years and LOVED Pike Market. I took my little bottle with me 'just in case' and stopped to visit Pike Market before the expo. In my meanderings, I re-discovered a wonderful Tibetan store called Tenzing Momo. Among their many treasures was a wonderful collection of dried herbs and a large assortment of high grade natural oils.

Clutching my little plastic treasure in my hand, I walked into the store to see if someone there could help me to discover the secret of the oil's composition. It was by then late in the afternoon, but there was a young woman working with the oils, so I approached her with my problem. She was very knowledgeable about oils and fragrances, and, as we worked together to identify the components of the blend, we chatted. She had been working with oils for 20 years, she told me, and it was a very good thing that I 'happened' in when I did, as she had been with Tenzing Momo for 7 and a half years, but that day was her last day and she would be going home in just an hour and then would be moving to the East coast!

After about a half hour, we had identified both the ingredients and the proportions of my magical blend, and I am now able to make it at will. As we worked together to re-create the wonderful oil she commented: "It's very interesting. Almost all of the oils used to create this promote mental and spiritual clarity"! As I travel to the many expos which I attend each year, the oil is consistently one of my best selling items. Because I use the pure oils, it is only necessary to use a drop for an entire day of wonderful aroma. Because all of the oils are pure and natural, I have NEVER had anyone report an allergic reaction, and best of all, my wife who easily gets migraines when exposed to overwhelming perfumes, actually enjoys wearing Mani's Blend and never has any adverse reactions.

This wonderful blend is now available through my website in three sizes and as stick incense as well. It is available in one-half Dram ($5), 1 Dram ($10) and one-half ounce ($75) sizes, and as a package of 12 standard size incense sticks ($5). S/H is a flat fee of $5 regardless of the amount ordered, and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are one of the VERY rare people who do not like this oil, simply return the bottle at least 90% full and I will gladly issue a full refund. This oil also is one of the very few $5 or $10 gifts that people are actually HAPPY to receive!

With Love and Blessings,