Spiritual and Inspirational Gifts

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Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards (and other products) are the result of Mani's dedication to the matters of Spirit and the desire for increased understanding of the humor and beauty which are available to all of us when we live in Spirit. Some are derived from his "A Book of Answers" and some are based on words and phrases which just "drop into his head". Still others are based on his observations of the world around us and are intended to pop the balloons of the pompous powers that be.


Currently available is "A Book of Answers", Vol. 1 and its attendant "Answer Cards"

Available in the near future will be "A Book of Answers", Vol. 2 and Answer cards, "A Few Easy Lessons"; describing the lessons Mani was offered by Spirit as he began his remarkable spiritual journey into awareness and the story of his awakening. Chapters include: "A Few Easy Lessons, Enlightenment and Beyond, Sexuality and Spirit, and How to do Neat Stuff"

Other books in the works include the following:

1) "Lucid Living, Transcendent Life"


2) "Taking The Long Way Home - Snapshots from my life"

Mani's Blend Fragrance Oil

This popular oil is made entirely from all-natural ingredients which promote mental and spritual clarity. Read on for the miraculous story of this oil's origins.


We know him as Mani Pureheart, but to our feline friends, he's The Catnip King! Alaskan dried catnip is said to be the most potent in the world, and you should check it out if you'd like to get something special for a furry friend.