A Book of Answers

For almost a decade, Mani has been writing a set of books at Spirit's direction. This set, titled: "A Book of Answers" (Not "THE book of answers"!), is best described as a series of road maps and street signs designed to help you find your own answers. Mani says: "I do well to find my own answers. I'd be extremely arrogant to tell you that I have YOUR answers! You are the only one who has your answers. This book is intended to help you to find those answers yourself. That is why the subtitle is: " ... the ultimate oracle is YOU"!

Long ago, Spirit directed Mani to gather together all of the words which are commonly used in readings, and to re-define them from a spiritual point of view, as the words often have a completely different meaning in a reading than they might in everyday conversation. This is the first of the two books in the series. It is 624 pages long and addresses 224 of the words most commonly heard in Spiritual readings, regardless of the source. To get a preview of the "flavor" of the book, go to the mini-readings on this site and read an excerpt.

Mani travels extensively, and speaks on Spirit and Spirituality and teaches others to connect to Spirit in a powerful and functional way. In the course of those travels over the past couple of years, he has done "blind" readings for audience members and students. In this process, the student "thinks" a question and Mani opens the book "at random" and reads the answer aloud. In many classes, in many groups, the answer which comes forth moves both the recipient and other audience members to tears. In addition, according to those who requested the reading, the book is always "right-on" - never wrong!

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